How to Choose Antique Prints?

Northern Goshawk Print, 1929-main-10427M
How to choose antique prints? It should not be difficult.  In our opinion Antique Prints are subject oriented and you need to use your brain to choose the piece that fits you best.  Original art on the other hand is impulsive, it needs to talk to you, we like to think it is where you use your heart.  (For artwork see our article on How to Choose Artwork.)
Here are 5 tips for choosing the perfect original old print for you.
1. Identify your interests.
Look through the categories on offer. When our customers visit us at an antique show or through our website they have many categories to choose from.  Look through the titles of categories that spark an interest.  You love your garden?  Then look for the Botanical prints category.  You studied interior design or architecture in College and loved it?  Then look for the Interiors & Architecture category.
2.  Determine your project.
This is where you determine what you are going to do with the antique print.  Is it a gift for your husband, child, friend, or even better yourself?  You have an empty space on the wall you wish to fill with old vintage prints?  You need to decorate the office, living-room, bedroom?
3.  Establish a plan.
You have a project, now you need to decide how much space you want to fill on that wall or how many gifts you need to get.  Write it down so you can focus on your goal, you are about to dig in and hunt for the perfect antique print!
4.  Dig in!
Let’s say that your identified interest was Bird Prints.  You have located the category.  You have determined that your project is going to be a wedding gift and your plan is to get six of them.  Now you have to find the best antique prints.  Start looking through what is on offer.  Every time you see a fine bird print, write down the reference number or add it to your wishlist.  You are looking for six pieces, pull out or choose 12 to 15 of your favorite antique bird prints.
5.  Choosing the best antique prints.
Spread out your selection to see the big picture.  Is there is one you don’t like, or that looks strange: good! Take it out.  Keep doing this.  By process of elimination you will narrow it down to the six you love.  Problem:  you can’t decide and you have eight bird prints. Start pairing your bird prints together and choose your favorite of the two.  Before you know it you are going to have your perfect six!
See that was easy!
Keep this in mind:
You want to choose what feels and looks right to you.  We are all different and we have different tastes.  Trust your judgment.  Do the colors appeal to you?  Am I comfortable with the size of the antique prints?  Are the prints within my budget?  These are valid questions and you are the best person to answer them.

Now is a good time to look at what we have on offer.  Visit us as to shop for authentic old vintage prints, original artwork on paper and antique maps.

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