Our Favorite Restaurants at Round Top, TX

What are our favorite restaurants at Round Top? Well, many people ask us “where should we eat when we come to Round Top?”.
There is an almost bewildering choice from small “shacks” and food trucks to restaurants that like to think that they are gourmet restaurants.
I have to admit that when we are doing Round Top, we don’t get to eat out as much as we would like to.  Our Blue Hills at Round Top location stays open until 6pm most nights of Antique Week, and even though that’s not too late, by the time we close up all David and I are ready for is a shower and sleep!  But over the many years that we have been coming to Round Top we have eaten in quite a few restaurants.  If you are coming to Round Top from the Big City, (well, most towns qualify as the Big City in comparison with Round Top’s population of 93) remember that restaurants close early here – best to find somewhere to eat before 8pm.
When we do get out and about here are some of our choices, plus recommendations.

Royer’s Round Top Cafe
Round Top,TX
They describe their food as “sophisticated comfort food”, also famous for their pies. Large portions.  Need reservations several days ahead for dinner during Antiques Week.  Gets very busy.

Brazos Belle Restaurant
Burton, TX
Country French Food.

Bistro 108
La Grange, TX
Reservations advised during Antiques Week.

JW’s Steakhouse
Carmine, TX

Methodist Men’s BBQ
Blue Hills at Round Top
Texas BBQ, and all profits go to charity.  Open 11am – 3pm only.

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