When is Round Top?

When is Round Top Antique show? This is a question we get quite often. Round Top happens twice a year in the Fall and the Spring. The show is promoted for what is called Antique Week, but this can be misleading as many venues at Round Top are open several weeks earlier.

This Spring 2016 Round Top is going on from Saturday 19th of March to Saturday 2nd of April. There are a whole bunch of different venues to shop for antiques, some open even before March 20th and all the shows are in full swing with the opening of Big Red Barn on Monday March 28th 2016 and Marburger Farms on Tuesday 19th March. You could say that the core of Antique Week is going to be Monday March 28th through Saturday April 2nd.  Everyone will be open, but some of the best things may already be gone! By Sunday 3rd April everyone is packing up with many antique dealers on their way home.

During Round Top we sell antique maps, prints and original works of art at one of the best locations of all the shows : Blue Hills at Round Top in Barn A.  Come and see us. There is more information about Round Top on our Blog. Check out our show schedule for more Round Top dates.

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