Where is the party at Round Top, TX?

Even though David and I are hardly ever awake past 10pm during Round Top, there are several places that cater to the party crowd, who have much more stamina than we do.  Here are some ideas to find a party at Round Top.

The biggest party at Round Top is Thursday of Antiques Week is the Junk Gypsy’s Junk-o-Rama Prom night which starts at 7pm.¬† It’s time to dress up and party. There’s a fun guide to what to wear at http://cactuscreekdaily.com/love-it/junk-gypsy-junk-o-rama-prom-what-to-wear-guide.

If you are in Round Top on any other night head down to Zapp Hall in Warrenton, TX where you can have a glass of bubbly – champagne or beer and listen to live music outside under the Texas stars.

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