Conservation and Restoration

Conservation and restoration of art on paper, antique prints and old maps should be left in the professional care of specialists.  Do not try to repair works on paper without prior experience, you will irrevocably damage the piece.

Things you can do

Avoid sunlight or fluorescent lights: UV light damages colors and the integrity of the paper.  Over time art on paper left in such light will fade the colors and inks.  It will weaken the paper as well.  If you wish to display your art in the light, you should frame it using glass that filters out 97-99% of the UV light.

Avoid humid environments:  Do not expose the paper to humid, damp or moist environments as this can cause the paper to buckle and mold to proliferate on the paper.  Spotting on the paper will occur over time, which is called foxing.  All of the art for sale at is stored in a climate-controlled environment.

Avoid touching the art:  The natural oils of our skin can stain the paper.  When handling art on paper it is best to wear cotton gloves.

Avoid extreme temperatures: Paper is made of organic materials and is affected by large variations of temperature.  Keep your art stored or displayed in a home that is being lived in to avoid big swings in temperatures. keeps all its art in a stable environment.

Protect your art:  Either frame your art with archival materials or store it in an archival sleeve or box.  Such items can be found on our “Supplies” section in the Info Center.

Avoid disaster prone areas:  Keep out of reach of young children (we are parents too), store on upper shelves in case of floods, keep out of daylight, store in an area with constant mild temperatures and that is fairly dry.  If your art is valuable consider a fire safe box.

Use UV protection glass and plexiglass:  When framing consider using plexiglass that filters out 97-99% UV light.  Plexiglass is less likely to cut your art as regular glass does when a frame falls and breaks.



Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts

CCAHA specializes in the treatment of works of art and artifacts on paper, such as drawings, prints, maps, posters, historic wallpaper, photographs, rare books, scrapbooks, and manuscripts, as well as related materials such as parchment and papyrus. CCAHA also offers on site consultation services, educational programs and seminars, internships, and emergency conservation services.

Visit them at: Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts


Green Dragon Bindery

As a family run business, the Green Dragon Bindery is able to approach each customer’s project individually, discussing in advance their concerns, budget and time constraints.

Visit them at: Green Dragon Bindery