Value: What affects the value of your art, antique prints or old map?

Supply and demand: Some subjects are more sought after than others and have become quite difficult to find, this drives up the price. strives to offer a fair market price based on auction results, the price of our competitors and our professional opinion of value.

Identity: Historical importance, age, famous artist, engraver or map-maker, size and display qualities, aesthetics and decorative qualities

Condition:  Art, prints or maps in good condition have more value than those that suffer from a bad backing in a frame, severe creases, large tears and major stains. tries to always offer you works on paper that are in good condition.  Each piece of art has a description of its condition.

Color:  Either in black and white or in color it is important for the colors to be vibrant and not have faded from extended exposure to UV light.

Original or reproduction:  Reproductions are not worth a fraction of the original.  Always buy an original print, artwork on paper or old map.  Reproductions are sometimes more expensive to buy than an original, but are not really worth much.  Go for the original!


Collecting: What to collect?

Interests: Collect subjects that inspire you, such as travel destinations with maps, art with colors that uplift you or prints of your hobby for example.

Display: How to store or display your collection

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